CARVING OUT WHAT’S NEXT …shaping a future for Hickory Hills

Hickory Hills…more than a ski hill.

A Local Treasure
Tiny in terrain yet larger than life, the park remains a safe haven for children to seek adventure without adult interference. Understanding Hickory’s continued, sixty-year success takes little imagination.

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“I learned to ski at Hickory Hills and so did my children. The entire Oleson Foundation board is enthusiastic about this project. Our contribution will help ensure that this important landmark and community asset continues to provide fun, outdoor entertainment for our entire area!”

Don OlesonOleson Foundation Board of Trustees

“Rotary Charities of Traverse City is proud to support Preserve Hickory and their mission of preserving access to affordable, community-owned recreation opportunities. Their highly collaborative approach with the City of Traverse City and Garfield Township is a great example of how public partnership can work to benefit a community. We are excited to invest in this project and see the perpetuation of this local gem.”

Marsha SmithExecutive Director, Rotary Charities

“My love of Hickory revolves around skiing at Hickory Hills, but with these project improvements, area families will be able use Hickory’s safe and healthy environment all four seasons. The recreational park will become the heartbeat of Traverse City.”

Jerry StanekTraverse City Ski Coach and Area Icon

“The Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy strongly supports the Hickory Hills Campaign. This project and other efforts to improve protected public land holdings close to where the greatest number of residents live is critical to the future of our region. I am so personally proud of what this grass roots group is doing for our community.”

Glen ChownExecutive Director, Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy

“Parks, outdoor recreation and open space are important to our community. As a park owned and operated by the City of Traverse City, Hickory Hills is a cherished recreation area for many residents. The capital campaign to implement the Hickory Hills Master Plan leverages public and private funding and supports the well-being and health of our community. The Chamber applauds this public/private partnership to improve Hickory Hills and offers its support of Preserve Hickory and its fund-raising efforts to match the City’s pledge from the Brown Bridge Trust Parks Improvement Fund.”

Laura OblingerExecutive Director, Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce

“What I remember most is the sublime feeling of freedom I had, because I had the run of the place. It was small enough and safe enough so that was possible, and I loved every second I spent there.”

Martha Teichner

“Hickory Hills is a special world of friends, of adults who care, of lessons to be learned and the embodiment of a ‘can do’ community that set the stage for my future.”

Dick Swan

“On Pete (Hickory’s only black diamond slope), I’m at the edge of the world.”

Gus Dutmers