Hickory Hills Advisory Committee

Following the formal adoption of the Plan by the City Commission and Garfield Township, the City Manager created the Hickory Hills Advisory Committee with representation of all user groups of the park as well as both City and Township elected officials and staff.  The committee was charged with the directing the implementation of the Plan.  The focus of the committee’s efforts is to engage all interests and users in the process.

Hickory Hills Advisory Committee Members:

Dave Greene
Director, Department of Public Services, City of Traverse City

Brian Haas
City of Traverse City, City Commissioner

Valarie Handy
Garfield Township, Parks and Recreation Commission

Mark Hamlin
Northern Waters Disc Golf Association

Ed Johnson
Conquer the Village Mountain Bike Race, Founder

John Kostrzewa
TCAPS High School Nordic Ski Coach

Maureen Madion
Preserve Hickory

Mac McClelland
Preserve Hickory

Laura Ness
Preserve Hickory

Erik Okerstrom
TCAPS High School Nordic Ski Coach

Barry Smith
Hickory Hills Manager

Don Stellin
Grand Traverse Ski Club

Brian Vandenbrand
Deputy Planner, Garfield Township

Lauren Vaughn
Parks and Recreation Superintendent, City of Traverse City

Todd Vigland
VASA Ski Club

Tim Werner
City of Traverse City, City Commissioner

Advisory Support to Hickory Hills Advisory Committee:

Marty Colburn
City Manager

Mike Groleau
Joint Recreational Authority