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Pete_headshotPETE $5,000 and up

Hickory’s steepest hill is named for Pete Batsakis, Sr., the one-time owner of two local restaurants and the U&I Lounge. Pete was one of the first financial contributors to Hickory Hills and hosted the first Hickory Hills Ski Club benefit dinner at one of his restaurants, The Batsakis Inn.

The Les and Anne Biederman Foundation

Cherryland Electric Cooperative
When the first lights flickered on one chilly night at Hickory Hills – in December of 1951 – history was in the making. With poles, electric lines and power supplied by Cherryland Electric Cooperative, Hickory Hills made history by becoming the first Michigan ski area to have night lights, offer night skiing and to host a high school race under the lights. That was almost 60 years ago. Cherryland Electric Cooperative and Hickory Hills are still working together today. Click here to check out Cherryland Electric Cooperative.

Swede_headshotSWEDE $1,000 -$4,999

Hickory’s longest hill is named for Oscar “Swede” Johnson, the owner of Swede’s Service. A City Commissioner at the time Hickory opened, Swede was an early supporter of a city-owned ski area. He not only contributed financially to the hill, but also often came after work to help with construction of the ski area as it was being developed.

Leelanau Communications
Huntington Bank
Rotary Good Works Fund
Oleson Foundation
Matthew and Jody Madion
Grand Traverse Ski Club
Jean Bensley Memorial Fund
Conquer the Village Mountain Bike Race
The Franklin

Buck_headshotBUCK $500-$999

Hickory’s most skied hill, Buck, is named for Gerald “Buck” Williams. Buck was the the City’s Parks and Recreation Superintendent for 18 years and retired from the City as Deputy City Manager in 1981 after 44 years of service to the community. Without the determination and perseverance of Buck Williams, Hickory Hills would not be here today.

Don Orr Ski Haus
Hospitalists of Northern Michigan
Ted Kramer
Tammy Hagerty
Michigan Community Service Commission
Grand Traverse Radiology

jack10033JACK’S TRAIL Up to $499

Jack’s Trail meanders through the wooded hills of Hickory and is named for Jack Bensley, who organized and ran the first Sunday races for the Grand Traverse Ski Club. Jack was the son of Loren Bensley, the father of Traverse City skiing, and was an instrumental force in the early days of alpine racing in Traverse City. Jack Bensley was a local photographer who captured and chronicled much of the area’s history, including the development of Hickory Hills and alpine skiing in Northern Michigan. His photographic collection has been made available to the authors of Light the Night through the generous contribution of the Bensley Family in order to preserve Hickory’s history. Without these and other images, this stunning, coffee-table book would not have been possible.

Dan G. Stoudt Community President, The Huntington National Bank
Rick Shimel
Traverse Legal
Stifel Nicolaus
Harvey Calcutt
Karen Schwarm
Megan Madion
Hagerty Insurance Agency on behalf of Tim Tompkins
Lil Bo’s
Barbara Loveland
Ted Lockwood
Richard Hannes
Mac McClelland
John Bruder
Randy Chapman
Mary Ann Moore
Natalie Brown
Vojin Baic
Dan Madion
Larry Warbasse
Bob Prust
Jerry Stanek
Steve Meach
Dave Phelps
Rachel Starr
Rex Holden
Carl Ganter
Jeff Owens
Patrick Tobin
Arlene & Wesley Nelson
Bill Cartwright
Carl Madion
Mimi Appel
Ralph & Maureen Cerny
Gil & Ann Bogley
Ward & Mary Gillette
Carl & Sally Benner
L Kent Walton
Allison Merrill
Jim & Mary Beth Milliken
Frank Petty
Sander & Wendy Weckstein
Sue & Jim Dutmers
Jesse Clem
Karyn Hertel
Sue & Walt Noble
Larry Bensley
Jane Linden
Tim Werner
Macaire & Chad Dutmers
Sandy Blumenfeld
Patricia Gantor
Kurt and Sally Rivard
Moomer’s Ice Cream
Jeanine Easterday
Daniel McNamara Family
Kelly Robinson
Andrew Bowerman
Shannon Pronger


This sponsorship category is intended for children 16 years of age and younger who want to donate money to Preserve Hickory from their allowances, birthdays, lawn-mowing or baby-sitting jobs.

Isabel and Joe Aulicino